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Imagine a life being debt-free. Being able to make and save money for vacations, hobbies, and adventures.


Imagine being able to seamlessly manage your time between working, family, and life.


Imagine being able to cook delicious food and easily impressing your friends.


You can’t. You’re tired. You have no time, no money, and no superpowers. Bummer.


I thought the same thing, especially when I had kids. But something changed. (No, I didn’t get a time machine.)


I came up with ways to get out of debt faster, how to cook almost daily with limited time, squeeze in workouts, and make my life easier, all while working a full-time job.


Here is what Lucky Mojito has to offer you:



-Budget friendly meal prep recipes to incorporate into your busy life.
-Delicious, must-have secret recipes to impress your friends and family with.
-Quick and healthy recipes when you have no time.



-How to achieve a debt-free life, whether you have a measly income or a six figure salary.
-Creative ways to increase your income and save more money now.



-Find out what to expect as a first-time mom and navigate through challenges like a pro.
-Whether you are a new mom or a veteran, learn creative ways to make motherhood easier.



-Quick and easy ways to improve your overall health.
-Great weight loss tips.


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