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If you ask me how to save money, my answer is “Trim your phone bill”.

Do you know why?

As per the recent survey, most of the people in our nation spend thousands of dollars each year to buy cell phone plans that they don’t use at all. This is how we are wasting our hard-earned money.

Yes, we all love talking on our phone; but we should be careful while buying the plan. Otherwise, the cell phone bill will increase our financial stress with time. Downsizing the phone bill helps us to save some bucks as well.

People often overlook the simple ways of saving money. But, if you carefully review your spending habits, you can find out numerous ways to set aside few bucks in your day-to-day life.

In this article, I will tell you how you can reduce your phone bill. Don’t worry, it’s very easy; check out some tried and tested tips here:

  1. Analyze yourself

If you’re not a massive talker, texter, or web surfer, then go for a plan that suits you. Pay only for what you use. You just need to plan strategically. If you don’t talk much but use the internet more, then choose the plan accordingly.

Remember, video streaming, pop-up notifications, online games, music, automatic play features are data hogs. You need to monitor data usage time to time. By doing so, you will find a significant reduction in your next phone bill.

  1. Choose the right plan

Choosing the right plan is important. To do so, you need to check how often you use your phone. Find out your previous phone bills to check your usual call duration, total internet usage, and total messages. It will help you to understand the pattern of your phone and internet usage. This will help you to choose the right plan.

  1. Cut down unnecessary services

Cut down junk; find out the services that are useless. Consider only important services like GPS service, roadside assistance, and visual voicemail.

  1. Consider a prepaid connection

I think paying the phone bill upfront (Prepaid plan) helps to stick with your budget. It is like going to shopping with cash and no credit card. Once you spend all the money, you know you are done with shopping. A prepaid connection allows you to pay the bill upfront. You know how much you are going to be charged. That’s the key.

  1. Stick to the minutes

If you really want to downsize your phone bill, then you need to cut down your talking time. Staying under the minutes is not difficult. If you tend to cross the minutes, then go online to find some apps that work as good reminders.

  1. Say “no” to the cell phone insurance

These days, many people are buying cell phone insurance without knowing about its advantages. Some agents push people to buy the insurance plan for their phone. Buying cell phone insurance doesn’t make sense. Because there is no point to buy a costly insurance for a $500 or $400 gadget. Insurance can be beneficial for those items that are expensive. For instance, life insurance, home insurance, dental, car, and health insurance. If your phone is expensive, then you can buy insurance. It will help you to get money in case of theft or damage.

  1. Get family cell phone plans

A family cell phone plan is ideal to share minutes and data packages. However, you need to check the usage habits of all members before buying a family phone plan. Thus, you’ll be able to save a significant amount.

  1. Make free calls

If you’re paying for the internet, consider free calls whenever possible. Get Viber, Skype, and Text free in your smartphone to enjoy free calls.

  1. Never dial toll-free numbers from your cell phone

Toll-free calls are free when you’re dialing from your landline. Don’t dial toll-free numbers from a cell phone. It charges heavily.

  1. Get senior discount

If your age is 55 or above, then ask the provider for the senior discount. Get a senior plan to experience a lower phone bill. Go online for more information.

  1. Consider WiFi

Using WiFi allows you to browse the internet without wasting data. You can surf Wifi at home, office, coffee shop, gym and so on.

  1. Turn off roaming service while traveling

Generally, smartphones start using data automatically to give email update or weather update while you’re traveling. So, don’t forget to turn off data roaming while traveling.

  1. Search a suitable service provider

Cell phone service providers often provide offers to attract the consumers. Some service providers offer free night minutes. Whereas few offer free weekend calls or internet data. So, you need to pick the right offer as per your need.

  1. Read the cell phone terminology carefully

You need to read the terms and conditions before signing the contract. There can be many hidden charges. So, don’t forget to ask about them before signing the agreement.

  1. Download free texting app

When you’re using a smartphone, you must utilize its advantage. Download free texting apps on your phone to reduce the text cost.

  1. Turn off autoplay feature in your phone

Go to the phone settings to turn off the autoplay option. If you don’t do that, the videos that appear in your social media will start playing automatically once you log in.


cut your cell phone bill cover

Final thoughts

Don’t incur additional charges. Know your limit. As I have mentioned earlier, track your data usage and set up an alarm to avoid incurring additional charges. If you pay your phone bills on time, then you can negotiate with your service provider to get the better deal next time.

This trick works because service providers don’t want to lose a valuable customer.


Notes from Monica:

Amy mentions a lot of great tips to save money on your cell phone bill. My family and I are currently researching new cell phone service providers for when my contract expires in a few months. In the meantime, I’ll use some of these tips to save money on my cell phone bill and avoid incurring additional charges.

Bonus tips:

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your cell phone service don’t be afraid to let your service provider know. My husband and I were experiencing an excessive amount of failed calls. I contacted our service provider and they credited our account a few times. The worse that could happen is they say know.

Like Amy said, only pay for the data you use. We currently use a free service offered by our cell phone provider that slows down our data speed before we exceed our data allowance to avoid overage fees.

Find out if you’re eligible for any employee discounts. My work gets me a 19% discount on our cell phone plans.

Lastly, consider purchasing your phone upfront instead of getting stuck in a long term contract. This will allow you to switch providers if a better promotion comes up.




37 thoughts on “Downsize Your Cell Phone Bill”

  1. Great tips. I am lucky that my phone bill is covered by my employer but we just moved my husband to a discount provider and he says there is no difference. It cut our bill by over 60%. You can search which discount provider uses the same towers as your favorite carrier.

  2. Great post and wonderful ideas! It is amazing to me how much most of us shell out for our phones, then again, now a days they are basically mini computers! Love your reminder about a workplace discount. That helps us a ton!

  3. Some good tips that I didn’t know about like the texting app and charges for toll free calls! I use google voice for long distance calls and my work phone number. It’s free at least now it is… If net neutrality goes into effect then I’ll have to pay.

  4. I’ve heard good things about Google voice. There are some plans that go through the internet for phone service which can cut down on cost. I’m going to research a few once my plan is closer to expiring.

  5. I had no idea that toll free calls weren’t actually free when called from a cell! Wish that this info was more readily available! ( luckily my husband pays the cellphone bill). Grrr.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea about the calling toll-free numbers. We spend way too much on cell phones with two adults, a teen and a tween. Definitely sitting down with this list to see what we can cut. Thanks!

  7. Great tips! AT&T is the worst in charges but it’s the best coverage we have out here. Maybe one day they will let us customize our plan – I don’t really use a lot of minutes but use Data quite a bit.

  8. That’s why we pay more for our current provider, but we’ve been having an increase in dropped calls which is frustrating.

  9. This is one reason my husband and I switched to prepaid! You always know what you’re going to get each month. We’re highly satisfied and haven’t looked back!

  10. You’re the second person to say this. I think we need to switch to a prepaid plan. Just looking briefly it looks like it’ll save us about $60/month.

  11. I like your prepaid connection step. When paying for something up front, it is easier to stick to the budget. When your minutes run out, then you have to wait until the next time you make a payment. It is also good motivation to pay attention to how many minutes you are talking on the phone, or other services you may be using.

  12. Great post. I quickly realized when I moved abroad that Americans pay so much for cell phones, tv, and internet. I also got used to using prepay and buying the phone up front instead of monthly installments. So now that we’re back home we continue to do this and spend way less than our family and friends.

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  14. Thank you so so much. I’ve found blogging to be a lot more work, but I do it because I want to help others. At times I am discouraged, but it’s words like these that really do keep me going 🙂

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