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Trying to figure out what to pack for the hospital when going into labor can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you have everything you need to make yourself comfortable, yet not overpack. (The hospital will give you plenty of freebies to stock up on).


Here is a list of items to bring to the hospital when you go into labor that aren’t always commonly thought of that you should definitely bring with you.



ultimate hospital packing list


1) Makeup

Yes, you read that right. If this is your first child or not, you can expect tons of people will want to come and welcome your new baby into the world, despite the fact that you look like a hot mess and just want rest. Trust me. There will be tons of pictures taken for you to look back on, whether you want to or not. My husband laughed at me, but with our second born I made sure to put on makeup a few hours before my son arrived. I wanted to look a little bit nice, even if for myself.



2) Snacks (mint, pack of gum, nuts, granola bars)


Take some prepackaged snacks with you. Some hospitals are great and will have a lot to offer, but only after you’ve been taken out of labor and delivery. Once my son was born I was starving and almonds are what held me over.



3) Camera (duh)


The phone on your camera is fine too. Just wanted to add this in case you are suffering from pregnancy brain like I did.


4) Phone and charger

It’s the charger I would have forgotten if not for my husband.


5) Slippers/flip flops

Great for walking around the hospital. Most hospitals will provide those nonskid socks. I liked having the flip flops to take a shower in.


6) Maternity/Labor Gown

These gowns are so cute! They have all types of designs or flowers and basically look similar to a very nice night gowne. Great for nursing and even taking photos in. After giving birth one doesn’t always feel the prettiest. The hospital will provide you with one, but they don’t look or feel the greatest.


7) Gift for doctors/nurses

When my daughter was born I remember having this nurse that went above and beyond helping me after my daughter was born. I had no clue how to change a diaper and honestly was too tired to. She never seemed annoyed when I buzzed for her help. I wished I had something to give her to thank her, but I hadn’t thought of anything and didn’t see her the next day. I ended up writing a letter of recognition once I was home. When my son was born I made these cute goodie bags to give to the nurses who helped deliver my son.


8) Gift from newborn to older child

I made it a point to buy a gift for my newborn son to “give” to our daughter. She loves Shopkins and all types of small toys. She was thrilled. I think this helps the older child bond and not feel left out on the big day.



9) Maternity pants/clothes

For some reason I thought once I had my child I would magically be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. Wrong! Yes, you do lose some weight in the belly. Thighs and legs are another story. Bring along a dress or maybe the maternity pants that you wore in your 2nd trimester.


10) Books, music, magazine

I liked being able to have something to distract me for some of the hours I was at the hospital. If you like bring a Sudoku book, crossword puzzle, or games.


11) Nursing pillow/Nursing bra

Great items to bring if you plan on nursing. I definitely could have used the pillow with my first-born. After giving birth my arms and legs felt like mush. A 6lb 5-ounce baby felt like a ton. It helps to have the added support so all the weight is not on your arms. This is the pillow I used with both of my kids. It’s great for the extra support. It can also be used for tummy time as your child gets older, for propping them up, and eventually sitting. I bought a few of these nursing bras on Amazon because they are way cheaper than most stores. You might need to buy a larger size than you normally wear because your “chest area” will definitely get bigger.


12) Outfit for baby

The hospital has clothes for your baby, but if you want to take some cute photos definitely bring something. I made a cute blanket to bring since they are swaddled most of the time.


best hospital packing list for moms


I hope this packing list helps you when you go into labor and after delivery.

Let me know if there is anything else that you had to have with you at the hospital.

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