I truly believe that every little bit counts when it comes to saving money.

We buy things online and in person all the time. Because we are working on our journey to be debt-free we compare prices and get cashback and extra savings any chance we can get.

Here are five free websites/apps that you can use to get cashback and/or get great discounts on items that you already purchased. You’ll be surprised how much you end up accumulating.

low effort ways to get cash back now



1. Ebates

• If you haven’t heard of Ebates you have been missing out on super easy savings and need to sign up right now! I am lazy and think this is the easiest way to get cashback. Basically you access other online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Groupon, Home Depot, Etsy, etc. through the Ebates website. Ebates will give you a percent back on your purchase and sometimes more if you purchase from certain departments.

• Every three months they mail you a check (as long as it’s at least $5.01). I love this site because you get money and they offer additional discount coupons. Stack your cashback with promo codes and get even more money off your purchase. I’ve already received several checks totaling a few hundred dollars from items I’ve purchased.

• E.g. The other day I purchased my contact lenses online at Walgreens. Through the Ebates site I was able to receive an additional 25% off coupon with free shipping for Walgreens AND 7% cashback ($12) from Ebates. I normally buy my contacts from Costco which is known to have the best prices on contacts, but this was even cheaper!

2. Groupon

• This site allows you get discounted rates on restaurants, on merchandise, events, vacations, etc. It’s a great way to try out new places for a lot cheaper than the regular price. I’ve used it to get tickets to the circus, a haircut, random household items, flowers, and a really great deal at a BBQ joint. Get more money back by going to Ebates first then Groupon. E.g. Ebates currently offers 6% cashback on Groupon.


3. iBotta

• I don’t like couponing. This app makes it so easy. They offer all types of rebates from local retailers (Target, Best Buy, Shoprite, Walmart, etc.). Most stores offer $0.25 off any item and more savings on name brand items (Huggies, Barilla, Sargento, etc.)

• Add the rebate to your account (simply click on them) and take a picture of your receipt. Once you’ve accumulated $20 you can cash out a gift card, PayPal, or Venmo. It requires very little work and can be done while you shop or after, just be sure to save your receipt. You are basically guaranteed to get a minimum $0.25 every time you buy groceries.

• Earn faster by completing special tasks and inviting friends. If you sign up through my referral link (HERE), iBotta is currently offering you a $10 signup bonus once you redeem your first rebate. If you download the app to your phone use my referral code eiljaxd. You will then become part of my team. By being on a team you will also earn savings from the rebates your team members earn. This means even bigger and faster savings for all. Winning!!

4. MyPoints

• This site offers a variety of ways to earn points which you accumulate to get gift cards. Spend money and get a certain amount of points per dollar spent at select retailers. You also get points for taking daily polls, answering surveys, watching videos, and playing games. They also offer good details at a variety of online retailers. I used my points to get a Cheesecake Factory gift card.

5. Topcashback

• This site is basically Ebates’ arch nemesis. They are very similar. Do your research and use the site that offers the best deal. Topcashback matches the cashback of their competitors, but with some terms/conditions. They also don’t require you to have a minimum balance to “cash out” like Ebates.

• Same as Ebates you can stack promo codes. Topcashback has more payout options than Ebates, which doesn’t make a difference to me. However, what I do like better is that they offer 3% bonus cash if you choose a gift card as your payment.


6. RetailMeNot

• They offer tons of coupon codes that you can use on your purchases online purchases. Different users add codes all the time, so be warned some might not work, however I’ve been able to score some really good deals here.

• Google is your friend. If I don’t find any promo codes on RetailMeNot I just type in the retailer I am making the purchase from and the words “promo code” or “coupon code”.


Let me know what other sites or apps you use to make and save money. I like to take the money I get back and use it for my gift spending money or into my kid’s savings accounts.


Happy savings!

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  1. Great post I use a lot of these apps and sites during the week and it helps cutting back on spending. I always had issues with Ibotta would like to know more

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