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Who doesn’t like having extra cash?

Whether it’s to buy a gift, splurge on something you’ve had your eyes on, go on vacation, or use to pay off some bills.

There are tons of free websites to make money at home. The key is figuring out which ones are legit and then which ones are easy, fun, and fast.


Here is a list (in no particular order) of websites I have used to make money at home. They each offer different rewards and have different perks.

 1. Crowdtap (earn $5 Amazon gift codes)

  • For every 1,000 points you earn they will email you a $5 Amazon gift code. There are a variety of ways to earn points such as taking polls, photo missions, making comments on different brands, and giving your opinion on free samples you receive. The more time consuming tasks are worth more points.
  • I’ve already received free full sized shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, an electronic foot file, electric toothbrush, detergent, coffee creamer, chocolate, etc.
  • There is a dashboard at the top of the page telling you how many more points you need to reach your prize. It’s something you can easily do on your phone while waiting in line, at the doctor’s office, or just bored. Some people feel it takes awhile, but I like that you can see how far you are from a gift code.
  • For the free samples you need to first fill out an application and they will notify you by email if you’ve been accepted. What I like about this website is you have the ability to see what samples you will receive and what the report entails. E.g. Some sample reports require a lot more work than others. Some make you take photos, write a review on a specific brand’s website, or answer some questions.

2. BzzAgent (try new products for free and earn points for more prizes)


  • This is a great website for getting free products to try, but you have to qualify for the campaign first. This is determined based on your demographics, your BzzScore (based on how much you participate on the site), and how soon you apply. I can go months without getting any campaign offers then get a bunch back to back. I was lucky enough to get two free pairs of StrideRite shoes for my daughter to try, butter, dog food, chocolates, toothpaste and makeup. BzzAgent wants you to “buzz” about the products you try. It can be face-t0-face, by phone, or on your social media.


  • An extra bonus about this website is you can also earn points for completing certain surveys or campaign reports. These points get linked to MyPoints (see #3).


3.  MyPoints (earn points for gift cards from a variety of vendors)


  • There are many ways to earn points on this site. You can get points by shopping at various online retailers, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, etc.
  • Some surveys take a long time, but it gives you the option to sort by points or survey length.
  • Earn points by completing BzzAgent (#2) reporting tasks like writing reviews.


4. Pinecone Research (earn cash or gift cards)


  • I’ve used this website to make cash at home for about 2 years. Each survey pays the equivalent of $3 cash despite survey length, though most can be completed in less than 10 minutes. You sometimes get free samples mailed to you to review. I’ve tried healthy snacks and toilet paper so far.


  • In addition to making cash there are also weekly sweepstakes that you can get entered in when filling out surveys. The prize is $500! I haven’t won yet, but it’s a nice incentive at no extra work.


  • Pinecone has also added the option of transferring your earnings to PayPal which is great if you want cash right away or you can opt to get gift cards (physical/virtual) from a variety of brands.


5. PinchMe (get free sample boxes)


  • After you’ve set up your profile (survey questions about your demographics, household, shopping habits, etc.) you will be eligible to receive free samples from a variety of brands. They have what they call sample Tuesdays. On those days you log in to your account and if you are eligible you can select which samples you want sent to you.


  • I’ve received all types of samples, but most are trial size. What I do like is the feedback questions on each sample are fairly short so the work required is minimal.

6. PaidViewpoint.com (earn PayPal cash)


  • I love how short the surveys are on this site. They usually take me less than 2 minutes to fill out. The longer ones don’t come up too often, but they do pay more. It takes awhile to buildup and you can cash out on PayPal in $15 increments.


  • Paidviewpoint allows you to earn more money when you get others to sign up. According to their site you’ll earn 20% of every survey reward your referrals earn.


7. Swagbucks (earn Swagbucks for gift cards or cash)


  • I haven’t spent enough time on Swagbuck, but so many people rave about them. Earn points by taking surveys, shopping, playing games, watching videos, etc. I like that you have a variety of ways of earning points and that the more you save the more your points get (e.g 500 SB is $5 and 2,200 SB is $25).


8. McCormick Consumer Testing (test products, win gift codes)


  • Yes, McCormick is the brand that makes lots of spices. They email you surveys and you get chances to win Amazon gift codes (I won $25!). You can also get selected to try new products (food, beverages, snacks, etc.) and will be compensated depending on how long the testing is. If you live in Maryland you can go to their testing center and take product surveys in person.


9. IPSOS i-Say (earn cash, gift cards, merchandise)


  • In just 2 weeks of taking surveys I earned $10 and was sent a free sample of frozen stromboli and 2 full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner to review.
  • The points build up faster than most survey sites so getting cash or gift cards doesn’t take long.
  • After almost every survey you take you earn raffle tickets for sweepstakes to win various prizes such as a $300 Visa gift card, vacuum cleaner, video camera, etc.


10. MomsMeet (tons of samples exclusively for moms, earn points for prizes)


  • This site offers plenty of sampling opportunities for moms and their group of mom friends. This means that if you qualify for a sampling you will get enough samples sent for you and your group. Samples include kid’s vitamins, nasal sprays, all types of foods and beverages, etc.


  • You are required to take photos of your group trying out the product, fill out a report, and write a review. They will often send you a handout to give to your group as well.


  • You can also do a few tasks on their website to earn points, which add up very quickly. The tasks include liking a Facebook product page, writing a comment, and visiting the product website. For the Amazon gift code it takes a lot of points, but for all the other prizes they are significantly less. They have necklaces, cookbooks, toys, etc. It’s constantly changing.

websites to make money from home now


These websites won’t make you rich, but are great for earning cash and gift cards throughout the year and trying some fun new products.

Let me know what other websites you like to use to make money.

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