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Throughout the year the majority of your expenses will stay relatively the same, but there are some expenses that rise and fall with the changing of the seasons.

For my family the cooler months bring an increase in our gift spending (Christmas/birthdays), groceries (Thanksgiving, house parties), and heating bill.

Today I will share with you how we keep our heating bill down. Remember, just because it’s getting colder out, it doesn’t mean your heating bill has to skyrocket.

Here are easy ways to reduce your heating bill right now.



Dress warmer

When walking around your house make sure to put on your socks or your favorite comfy slippers. Keeping your feet covered will keep you from turning up the thermostat as high. I hate the feeling of cold tile in the morning.

If you still feel cold wrap yourself up in a shawl, blanket, or a Snuggie-like fleece.


Use a programmable thermostat

If you have multi-zone heating in your home you’re in great shape. Our house does not, but we do have a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to create different programs to run for the day/week. For example, you can have your thermostat set to turn off or go to a lower temperature when no one is home and to go back up when people are home from work or school. I set ours so that the heat kicks on we are waking up and lowers before we head to bed.


Space heater

Instead of turning on the heat to warm up the whole house, think about just heating the rooms you are in.

At night if it’s not extremely cold, I just use a space heater to heat up our bedroom. The heat is more concentrated and much more cost efficient.

There are many types of space heaters and ones that are cool to the touch if you have curious little ones. You might want to use a humidifier with the space heater to add moisture to the air and prevent dryness.


Don’t lose heat

Check your windows and doors to make sure that they are sealed tight and not letting any unwanted warm air escape. When we lived in our condo we bought a window kit, which is like shrink wrap insulation for your windows.

In the morning I open up the curtains and let the sun shine in to heat up the house. Later in the evening I close the curtains to block out some of the cool air.

When we were younger my mom used to use a rolled up towel to block the cold air from coming in underneath the doors. Nowadays they sell these draft stoppers that are much nicer looking. Check at the dollar store or Christmas Tree Shoppe for more affordable ones.

Turn on the oven

The cooler months are great for baking because you don’t have to worry about sweating up a storm. After you’re done baking, leave the oven door ajar so the heat can escape and help warm up your kitchen and adjoining areas (obviously if you have kids around operate on the side of caution).

The cooler days are a great time to run your oven on clean. Most ovens take about two hours and heat up the house nicely.


Block off unused rooms

There are some rooms that we use less often than others. Close the doors and vents of these rooms so that you aren’t heating them when not in use.


Use your fireplace

Our family room tends to be the coldest room in the house because it has the fireplace and is right next to the garage. Although the fireplace is a great way to heat the house, we get a big draft when it’s not in use. Make sure to close your damper to prevent cool drafts from coming in.


Turn on your ceiling fans

Yes you read that right! I just started doing this and it makes a big difference.

To do this you first need to make sure your fan is set to turn clockwise. If you have a “fancy” fan you can use the remote. If you don’t and have a fan like ours, look for the toggle switch on the body of your fan. By making the blades turn counter-clockwise you will be pushing the warm air down, making your room feel warmer.

In the summer you would do the opposite. Make sure the blades are turning counter-clockwise so that your fan pushes the cool air down.



ways to reduce your heating bill



Grab a hot chocolate, wrap yourself up in a blanket and enjoy the extra cash you are going to save by reducing your heating bill.


Do you have any other ways to reduce your heating bill? Please share with us in the comments below.


16 thoughts on “8 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill Right Now”

  1. Great ideas! We are Texans so even the faintest bit of cool air makes us freeze! We utilize almost all of your suggestions! Winter is the best time to negotiate a new pair of ugg slippers with the hubs 😂

  2. This past summer we got a ductless heat pump (had cadet wall heaters before). Have definitely noticed a reduction in our electric bill after we did that. It is better at keeping the house a constant temperature.

  3. that’s really interesting. I’ve seen it in a few homes. We just had solar panels installed last year which also helps keep our costs down.

  4. When our clothes drier is running it really heats up our condo apartment. So on really cold days I will wash something like bedding that doesn’t get washed all the time. Just another idea. I like your suggestions! I’m always trying to think of ways since I like it warm and my husband likes it cold.

  5. I didn’t know the fan trick! We have two in our room (huge room in the basement where we sleep) and now I know how to get that air circulating and feeling a little warmer. You would think I would know this, but I didn’t! Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are such great tips. I really don’t turn on the heater unless I need to in the winter – I guess it helps that I live in California too though. 🙂 Dressing warmer is usually my go-to, unless it’s a unusually cold night.

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